About Us


ZeroHero is the first end-to-end home selling platform, which help owners to sell their homes for Zero Commission. Say no more to the traditional 2%-3% commission. Here at ZeroHero, we are reinventing the home selling and buying experience that the consumers deserve and to make sure that we are always cheaper, faster and more transparent is our utmost priority.


ZeroHero provides a great range of services despite being a Zero Commission platform. In order to allow buyers visualize better, ZeroHero offers free photo and video shooting for the home that you’re selling. The fees that you will be paying include services like photo and video shooting plus 360° virtual tour for the home that you’re selling. Unlimited viewings and lifetime advertisement are also included. ZeroHero provides a better service for a much better price.


The company’s vision is to able to provide premium home selling services for a much more reasonable price. ZeroHero stems to be the best in home selling and the go-to platform for sellers and buyers. Moving forward, we want to make sure that the consumers in within the property market will never look back at the traditional way on how a property is being transacted anymore.