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Frequently Asked Questions

1. ZeroHero FAQ

ZeroHero is the first end-to-end home selling platform, which help owners to sell their homes for Zero Commission in Malaysia. Say no more to the traditional 2%-3% commission. Here at ZeroHero, we are reinventing the home selling and buying experience that the consumers deserve by making sure that we are always cheaper, faster and more transparent.

You may visit Why ZeroHero ? to understand further.

We charge a fixed fee of RM 8,999 only. One fixed fee for all, regardless of property value, no hidden fees.

No sale no fee, our fees are paid after sold. You will be able to enjoy ZeroHero’s free photo and video shooting, consultation, unlimited home viewing and guaranteed advertisements for the property you’re selling.

Please review Pricing to get a more accurate quote.

Simply go to the Sell section, fill in your home details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may Contact Us directly via whatsapp or call.
We will run an analysis on your home every 3 weeks on why it’s not been sold yet and will be in contact with you to discuss further from time to time. Your listing remains active until it is sold.
No. What you see on our website is what we charge. However, it varies to the selling price of your home. Please refer to Pricing for a more accurate quote. Note that the fees might be subject to the Sales & Services Tax.
We try to arrange the visit within 48 hours to conduct photo and video shooting. We will then put your home on live for sale in within 24 hours after shooting.
Yes, our Heroes will handle unlimited viewings for you. Better photo and video quality will also help to filter for serious buyers only.
One of the perks for buyers to purchase homes with ZeroHero is that they may receive the benefit of free SPA (Sales & Purchase Agreement) Legal Fees. Moreover, buyers shall have the best home shopping experience with ZeroHero, where we assure that there is no fake and duplicated listings on our website. Please visit Why ZeroHero ? for more.
2. Help & Support
You may reach out to your Property Service Experts or the following three options:
You may check our Pricing for the latest package.
You may check our “How it works” and “Why ZeroHero” page for more information.